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History and Present

Keiy Tambanh Khmer (KTK) is a social enterprise found in June 1, 2015. We started from 10 families of local women artisans in Koh Dach commune and has been increased to 300 women I 5 different places in Cambodia now.

We empower women, single moms, women with minor disabilities, female students and elder women who are expert on weaving and designing to increase their daily income and social status. We give employment opportunities in each household in their own community. We promote our handmade textile with Khmer traditional and modern styles combining to sell in Cambodia target markets and aim to extend our brand and products to sell in Local E-commerces and E-cross border from 2022.


  • Improve the products of Silk, Cotton Fabric toward customer’s needs and satisfaction.
  • Promote handwoven products’ innovation from women designers and weavers for Khmer
    culture in the modern fashion industry.

Keiy Tambanh Khmer (KTK)’s core Values

  • Leadership: The commitment to be better than now
  • Collaboration: Join us, We grow.
  • Integrity: Be true
  • Accountability: Keep our credit alive.
  • Passion: Work from heart and Mind and Believe to grow.
  • Diversity: Traditional Modern Inclusion.
  • Quality: Satisfaction Bring Affection. What we do, we do well.

Target Objectives:

1. To Promote all types of Soeung, Phamoung, Hole, Scarves and handmade fabric to have been used nationwide and international.
2. To eradicate women weavers’ immigration in community
3. To promote social economic status for women in the families
4. To reduce domestic violence in the family.


  • Production with good quality, beauty and confident through Keiy Tambanh Khmer (KTK) toward the progress and society satisfaction.